Saturday, 19 September 2015

Andrew Byer Attorney at Law can Help you Tackle your Problems Head On

At some point in your life you may run into legal problems, and that is never a good situation. The biggest problem hat defendants face in court whether it is a civil or criminal matter is a lack of representation. There are too many people out there who make the mistake of believing that they can take on the legal system on their own, and this leads to either a lack of satisfaction, or a judgment against them which would not be within their best interest, to say the least. If it is a civil matter it can result in the loss of assets, both liquid and solid, but if it is a criminal matter, it can easily end in jail time or other severe penalties. Making sure that this doesn’t happen, all starts with choosing the right attorney, and going forward with confidence.

The Benefits of Choosing a Good Attorney

There are countless benefits to making sure you have chosen the right attorney for the job. Consider the following before you rush into court unprepared:

·         Knowledge of the Law
·         Understanding of your Situation
·         Unbiased Opinion
·         Holds the Respect of the Court

It might sound like a small thing, but having the legal and authoritative weight behind the representation of your case will go a long way and help to ensure that you reach a favorable outcome whether your case is settled out of court, or whether you stand before a jury to deliberate. Having great legal representation is everything, and Andrew Byer has your best interest at heart.
Why Andrew Byer?
Andrew Byer, Fort Lauderdale attorney has the tools to help you and a range of expertise that has crossed a generation. Not only does he speak fluent French and Italian, he is an expert in:

·         Transactional/Business Law
·         Contracts
·         Real Estate
·         Trademarks
·         International Law

Not only does he have the expertise, he also holds a law degree within the state of Florida having been a member of the Bar Association since 1989. Additionally, he graduated from both Columbia University with a BA in 1984 along with Syracuse Law School in 1987. This is not only a good indicator of experience, but also an indication of the certifications that he has held and continues to hold to this day.

When you take your case to court, you never want to go alone. It is important to think of your case as a battle. It is a battle against the system and if you do not go in with the proper ammunition, you are not going to succeed. It is critical to take the right people with you and make sure that your attorney knows their way around the law. There are many potential complications, and there are many things that could get in your way. Have someone with you that can navigate it all and lead you to a favorable outcome. It’s a light in the darkness.

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